Beau Burchell

Having Beau on the Balaguer team is not only humbling for us, but very helpful when looking into what a touring musician, as well as a producer, really wants out of a guitar.  His post-hardcore band, Saosin, is back on tour with original vocalist Anthony Green.  They are recording a new album with Anthony, and we can not wait to hear it!  Beau uses a Custom Shop Thicket Prototype.

When Beau isn’t touring with Saosin, he is working with bands via his private home studio, The Cottage.  Beau is a very well known Producer, Mixer, Engineer, and Writer having worked with Underoath, It Prevails, The Bled, and even the soundtrack for the Motion Picture “Saw 4”.

Beau plays a USA Custom Shop Thicket, The Growler in Vintageburst, and his signature Balaguer Guitar, The Thicket BB.

Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce
Rest, Repose / Riffs, Beards, & Gear

We are honored to have Fluff as part of the Balaguer Artist Family.  Not only is he a great musician and gear connoisseur, but he knows a lot about guitar design and what needs to be put into a guitar for it to sound/feel awesome.

This organically brought us to the idea of working on a Signature model together, The Hyperion.  Fusing what he loves about his vintage guitars and what we have going on with our own guitar design, has brought a very unique and killer guitar to life!

When he is not slaying riffs and taking names with his band Rest, Repose, you can find Fluff on his fun, helpful, and awesome YouTube channel :

Riffs, Beards, & Gear.

Fluff plays the Balaguer Hyperion, his signature guitar.

Tony Cappocchi
Rest, Repose

Touring since he was 16 years old, Tony knows what gear works for him.  Originally a SoCal guy, he moved to Seattle at age 24 and began throwing down riffs alongside Fluff, in their hard rock band Rest, Repose.  The Hyperion was a natural pairing after he got his hands on Fluff’s prototype guitars.  We are stoked to have him join the Balaguer Artist Family!

Tony plays The Hyperion in Vintageburst

Tony Pizzutti
The Word Alive

The Word Alive hits you hard with down-tuned guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and dynamic vocals.  They are definitely in a league of their own, and have an awesome, unique sound.  We really dig their stuff at BG! Tony reached out to us, and we hit it off immediately.  He has great taste in guitar design (what colors go well with others) and knew exactly what he wanted. Very excited to have him onboard with us.

Tony plays a Semi-Custom Growler Baritone in Satin Seafoam Green

Paul C. Wilson
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Hailing from France, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk mixes catchy pop punk with hardcore riffage to bring some of the most unique and pummeling music we’ve heard.  Working with Paul has been great so far, and we cannot wait for you guys to hear him rocking his Growler on stage soon!

Paul plays The Growler in Vintageburst


Mikal Smith

Mikal is one of the guitar players in Philadelphia-based Rock band PHNTMS. They are recording their debut full length with producer Mike Watts (The Dear Hunter, Gates, As Cities Burn) in New York. More info soon!

Mikal plays The Growler in Sky Blue.

Joshua Unitt
Wolf & Bear

Joshua plays guitar in the progressive post-hardcore band Wolf & Bear. From technical riffs to soaring vocal melodies, Wolf & Bear brings something unique and powerful with their music that you can’t describe in words without giving them a listen. They rule!

Joshua plays The Growler in Seafoam Green.

Christoph Manuel
Sun & Flesh

Christoph sings and plays guitar in the rock band “Sun & Flesh” from Brooklyn, NY. From their anthem-like choruses to their down-tuned riffs, Sun & Flesh definitely deliver a genuine and unique sound that will make you wanting more.

Christoph plays a Semi-Custom Growler Baritone in Satin Black.

Scott Breustedt
Frost Giant

Scott plays guitar in Folk Metal band “Frost Giant”. Their music pays no attention to boundaries, deliberately crossing genres and bringing them all together in one truly unique sound.

Scott plays The Hyperion in Seafoam Green, as well as a Natural Mahogany Hyperion.

John Boyce
When Man Meets His Maker & YouTuber @ The Metalguy Files

John is a guitar player in the Death Metal band “When Man Meets His Maker”, but also shoots YouTube videos under the moniker “The Metalguy Files”. He requires tour-tough and studio ready guitars, so we are happy to add to his arsenal for live and studio use! When he’s not playing shows with his band or shooting YouTube videos, John records bands at his studio Sylar Sound in Philadelphia, PA.

John plays The Thicket BB Spalted Maple & The Thicket in Ghost White.

Thomas Brenneman
El West

Thomas Brenneman is a guitar player in the band, El West.  Hailing from Arizona, El West brings a fresh and unique approach to ambient but melodic alternative rock.

Thomas plays The Thicket in Ghost White, and The Growler in Satin Sky Blue.

Ralph Ritter III
JRNY Church Worship

Ralph Ritter III serves as a guitarist on the worship team at JRNY (Journey) Church in the Philadelphia Region of Pennsylvania. Ralph has been involved with the JRNY Church worship team since 2011 after stepping through the churches doors in November 2009.

Ralph plays The Growler in Sky Blue and The Grace in Satin Silverburst.

Tre Watson

Tre Watson is a multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore, Maryland. When Tre isn’t releasing progressive metal/melodic death metal tracks with his band Carthage, he records and produces bands in his home studio.

Tre plays The Archetype Modern 7 in Pearl Pink.

Matt Minard
Second Runner Up

Second Runner Up is a high energy alternative rock band with heavy pop/punk influences from Houston Texas. Our EP “Spare the details” is available on most major music sharing platforms.

Matt plays The Growler in Moonstruck Black.

Jeff Magnuson
Silence The Machine

Jeff plays guitar in Silence The Machine, a 5-piece Canadian hard rock/metal band who deliver catchy riffs and melodic vocal lines.

Jeff plays The Hyperion in Satin Silverburst, as well as The Thicket BB in Starlight White.