Joe Balaguer
Owner, Founder, Luthier

Joe designs all of the guitars, builds all of the USA Custom series instruments, and handles the Quality Control process of the Production & Semi-Custom series instruments.  He also designs & develops all of the Balaguer Pickups, and handles Artist & Dealer Relations.

Jaime Gold
Operations Manager

If you own a Balaguer Guitar, then Jaime most likely packed the box, shipped it out, and emailed you updates.  When he’s not handling logistics, customer inquiries, or sales for Balaguer Guitars, Jaime is brewing beer in his basement and holding the universal title of Dave Grohl/Keenu Reeves lookalike.

Keith Gibbons
Shop Assistant

Keith assists with set-ups, quality control, and shipping at Balaguer Guitars. He also builds guitar & bass cabs through his company Gravity Enclosures.