Joe Balaguer
Owner, Founder, Luthier

Joe designs all of the guitars, builds all of the Heritage Series instruments, and oversees the Quality Control process of the Production & Semi-Custom series instruments.  He also designs & develops all of the Balaguer Pickups/Pedals, and handles Artist & Dealer Relations.

Jaime Gold

Jaime handles general business operations, including customer service, marketing, and business collaborations.

Mike Ciotti
Shop Assistant/Admin

If you’ve ordered or plan to order a guitar, then Mike most likely created your spec sheets to keep track of the build and to ensure all specs are correct.  He also assists in the shop with logistics/shipping and helps with Social Media.

Keith Gibbons
QC Tech/Shop Assistant

Keith assists with set-ups, quality control, and shipping at Balaguer Guitars. He also builds guitar & bass cabs through his company Gravity Enclosures.