The Hyperion Deluxe


The Hyperion screams FLUFF, or FLUFF screams Hyperion? This guitar is Ryan “Fluff” Bruce, YouTube Gear Reviewer/Rest, Repose guitarist extraordinaire’s axe of choice. Anyone who knows Fluff, knows that he “gets” what good tone is. Beyond being a gear connoisseur, Ryan truly knows what he likes and what sounds/feels good for Rock/Metal.

Collaborating on this guitar felt easy and organic, not only because he knows what he wants and why he wants it, but also because we share the same view on guitar design and quality.

Whether you play rock, metal, or country, this guitar will deliver thick but articulate tone with every chord and note you play.

** Please allow 3-4 months from pre-order placement/payment to delivery confirmation email sent for Domestic USA orders & slightly longer for International.  We do not have these in-stock, and they are built to order. **

Want this guitar but in a different finish with different woods, or more strings? Check out our Semi-Custom Series here: Hyperion Semi-Custom Shop