The Cosmovoid


We love pedals, and we wanted to offer two of our favorite effects in the same enclosure. The Reverb side is based off a Hall type reverb with bellowing lows and space-y ambience. The Delay side is based off an analog delay. The “Galaxy” switch changes the type of delay trail from a constant trail to a galloping trail. Both effects can be engaged individually or simultaneously. These are all hand-built in the USA and are built to order.

Please allow 2 month build times unless stated otherwise.

Not included: 9V power supply (atleast 1000mA rated)

The Cosmovoid is a Reverb & Delay pedal in one. You have the ability to use both effects simultaneously, or individually.

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Power Supply – Must be over 400ma (We recommend the OneSpot) or else the pedal will not function correctly as it is not getting enough power. Keep in mind this is two pedals in one!

Reverb Controls – Tone knob affects the wet signal only. Space is decay/dwell. R.Lvl is the volume at which the reverb affects your dry signal.

Delay Controls – F.Back is the Feedback level of the signal. D.Lvl is the volume at which the delay affects your dry signal. Time is the amount of delay/repeats in the signal.

Galaxy Switch – This affects the style of repeats, and switches the order of effects in the signal path meaning if both Reverb & Delay are engaged, you can choose which one should “effect” first.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 4 in


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