The Thicket BB Standard


The Thicket BB is a collaborative model between Beau Burchell of the band Saosin and Balaguer Guitars. We built Beau a USA Custom Thicket a few years ago when Balaguer Guitars was first getting off the ground, so we already had an idea of what he was into guitar-wise. We wanted to work on something more specific to Beau’s needs as a touring musician, but also as a record producer/engineer.

When he’s not touring with Saosin, Beau records & produces bands at his studio, The Cottage. During the design phase, we both knew that having a tour-proof guitar was important, but making sure the guitar was versatile enough for studio use was equally paramount. This is the stripped down version of the Thicket BB Deluxe, so instead of an evertune bridge and fishman pickups, you get our high-output Feral humbuckers and our hardtail brass bridge.

** Please allow 3-4 months from pre-order placement/payment to delivery confirmation email sent for Domestic USA orders & slightly longer for International.  We do not have these in-stock, and they are built to order. **

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