Headstock Shapes!

Headstock Shapes!

We offer 3 different headstock shapes, The Original 3×3, The Modern, and The Classic. You can choose between these headstocks for most of our Semi-Custom series instruments:

The Original 3×3 – Our first 3×3 headstock shape, dating back to 2014, which is also available as a 4×3 for 7-strings. Available as natural, black, or matching the body color.

The Modern – The newest headstock shape, introduced this year (2017), for a more modern look while still retaining a classy shape for 6-inline or 7-inline variations. Also available with two-tone color combinations or all natural.

The Classic – Our first headstock shape for 6-inline and 7-inline headstocks. A more rounded design than The Modern. Available with two-tone color combinations or all natural.


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