John Mendoza

John is the go-to guy for all things Purple.  Beyond his love for the color Purple, he’s a great player and is very knowledgeable of all things gear-related.  He’s very helpful if you ever have a question about wood choices, tremolo/bridge options, or just need someone to bounce ideas off of.

Jon Vokal

Jon brings a great deal of business and marketing experience to the Ambassador Team, being a student of Entrepreneurship he helps with R&D and Marketing Strategies.  He’s also a great guy to talk specs with if you’re unsure of what pickups or specs would suit you best!

Greg Schneider

Greg is an idea man and will be the first ambassador to tell you to choose Wenge for the neck wood of your build.  He’s very knowledgeable and helps us push the brand forward with new/exciting ideas!

Matt Croft

Having owned quite a few different models, Matt is a great point person to chat with concerning how each guitar feels and what to expect.  Like all our ambassadors, he knows his stuff and can point you/your build in the right direction if you have any questions/concerns.