Toro USA Heritage – Metallic Purple over Sunburst

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This is a very special Heritage build that is now available for sale. Some of you may have seen this guitar in pictures or videos in the past. Three of us worked on this build, so you can see this as a team-built Heritage, as Justin (Luthier), Pat (previous QC Manager), and myself did various things on the guitar to complete it. This is truly a unique build because it has a history to it. The body and neck for this build sat for a handful of years after I milled the wood back in 2014/2015 because the hustle and bustle of growing a company put this personal build on the back burner. It traveled from Los Angeles, where I was living at the time of the body/neck being milled, all the way back to Pennsylvania.

It wasn’t until 2019/2020 when I devoted the time to dig into it, and I ended up including Justin and Pat in the process. I ended up keeping it as my personal guitar this entire time. In my opinion it is a collector’s item for anyone who really digs what we do at Balaguer, it just has a special kind of mojo and the history mentioned above adds to it. I don’t play it as much as it deserves and I want it to be played / enjoyed for years to come! It is very lightweight yet very resonant at the same time. This Toro feels like a worn-in guitar you’ve owned for years. I don’t normally let personal USA guitars like this go, but it deserves to be riffed on more.

– Joe Balaguer

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