USA Balaguer Pickups



We design & build our own pickups. They are all wax-potted, scatterwound, and are built to our exact specifications.  As of right now we are only offering our humbuckers aftermarket for folks who would like to purchase them separately from our guitars.  We may offer our singlecoils and P90s eventually, but for now you can only get those in our guitars!

This is just an introductory run of our Humbuckers at a discounted price with limited quantities!  Grab a set while you can.

Covers available – Raw Nickel for Evergreen, Feral, or Hypernovas. Our Truenobucker are only available in Raw Nickel. You can also get our Black Covers (black bolts too) for the Hypernovas, and Black Covers (nickel bolts) for the Beaubuckers.

*** PLEASE also let us know what cover you would like if you order a set that has multiple cover options! ****