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The Woodman BB

Beau Burchell

Beau’s post-hardcore band, Saosin, is back on tour with original vocalist Anthony Green.  Check out their latest album with Anthony, called “Along The Shadow”.

When Beau isn’t touring with Saosin, he is working with bands via his private home studio, The Cottage.  Beau is a very well known Producer, Mixer, Engineer, and Writer having worked with Underoath, It Prevails, The Bled, and even the soundtrack for the Motion Picture “Saw 4”.

Beau plays a USA Custom Shop Thicket, The Growler in Vintageburst, and his signature Balaguer Guitar, The Thicket BB.

Andy Williams
Every Time I Die

Andy plays guitar in Every Time I Die, a savage metallic hardcore and pentatonic riff-laden classic rock band that we, at Balaguer Guitars, have been listening to since 2005!

Like all of us, Andy loves guitar gear and has always been searching for his perfect tone.  We’re glad that he’s chosen us to collaborate with on The Enigma model and we’re excited to have him on the team.

Keep an eye out for his Signature Series Enigma, due to release Spring 2018.

Artists 2

Tony Pizzuti
The Word Alive

The Word Alive hits you hard with down-tuned guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and dynamic vocals.  They are definitely in a league of their own, and have an awesome, unique sound.  We really dig their stuff at BG! Tony reached out to us, and we hit it off immediately.  He has great taste in guitar design (what colors go well with others) and knew exactly what he wanted. Very excited to have him onboard with us.

Tony plays a Semi-Custom Growler Baritone in Satin Seafoam Green

Travis Miguel

Travis Miguel is the guitarist of the legendary metalcore giants, Atreyu.  The band, which formed in 1998, has seen world wide success and has brought the metalcore genre into the spotlight over the years.  Atreyu has a discography filled with songs and riffs we all love and grew up with and aspired to write like and we are absolutely thrilled to have Travis on the team with us!  We look forward to working with him and to continue to see Atreyu dominate the metalcore world!

Travis plays a Gold Top Growler as well as two Thickets in Black and White.

Devin Shidaker
The Acacia Strain

Devin plays guitar in the crushing metal-infused hardcore band, The Acacia Strain.  Having been a band since 2001, they have formed a unique blend of metal, hardcore, doom, and death metal.  They are truly one of the heaviest bands we know and couldn’t be more thrilled to endorse Devin!


Devin plays a Tartarus 7-string and an Archetype 8-string.

Dan O'Connor
Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong have carved out their own niche in the music community by merging the infectiousness of pop-punk with the aggression of hardcore and never shying away from breaking with creativity-limiting conventions.  Not only does Dan play guitar in Four Year Strong but he is one of two lead vocalists! The dude rips! We’re so stoked to have him on the team.  Make sure to check out their fifth full-length album, Brain Pain!

Dan plays a Select-Custom Growler and a Select Espada

Andy Thomas
Black Crown Initiate

Andy plays guitar in the progressive death metal band, Black Crown Initiate. Their newest album Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape is a journey for the ears and a triumph for the band.  Andy is a monster player and we could not be more happy to have him on the team.


Andy plays an 8 string Thicket.

Nick Spencer

Nick plays guitar in the progressive metal band “Greyhaven”, which fuses hard-hitting yet melodic riffs with powerful lyricism.  Each song takes you on a journey, which leads you to interpret what each song may mean to you.  Their songs are sometimes very dynamic, stringing you along with a violent passage but then molding the next section into something that will get stuck in your head for days.  They truly have a unique sound and we’re so stoked to have Nick on the team!

Nick plays a Seafoam Green Growler.

Scott Crouse

When Scott isn’t on Dad-duty, he plays guitar in both Earth Crisis & SECT XVX. Two AWESOME Hardcore bands. If you like Hardcore then  you should know about both of these bands already, but if you don’t then click the Facebook link above for the Earth Crisis page, and click the Instagram link above for the SECT XVX page!

Scott plays The Astra.

Telle Smith
The Word Alive/Telle Smith

Telle is the vocalist of The Word Alive, but he will also be playing 3rd guitar on a few upcoming songs off the newest album, live and in the studio. Apart from TWA, Telle is releasing a solo album very soon. Stoked to have him on the team!

Telle plays a Hyperion in Vintageburst

Matt Marshall

Palisades is a rock band from New Jersey that fuses heavier guitar riffs with some of the most melodic and catchy vocals we have ever heard! The songwriting and musicianship flows hand in hand with these guys, and you’ll be singing along after one listen. Check out their latest album here.

Matt plays The Hyperion in Satin Silverburst

Tony Kim
Dance With The Dead

Tony plays in the duo “Dance With The Dead” which is one of the most unique instrumental bands we’ve heard! They mix horror synth/dance music with metal and it is truly awesome.  Definitely check them out in a town near you!

Tony plays The Espada and The Growler.


Asger is the vocalist and guitarist of the Danish / Swedish progressive rock band VOLA.  Their songs shift from very rigid bass and guitar tones, imposing grooves and riffs to very spacious, atmospheric and eerie sounds, chromatic textures and a shift between uplifting singing and extreme vocals which either appear abruptly or are merged together.

Asger plays a Gaia in sky blue.

Rob Maramonte
Muldrotha/The Zenith Passage

Rob plays guitar in the Death Metal supergroup “Muldrotha”! Muldrotha features members of Fallujah, Decrepit Birth and The Zenith Passage. With a common goal to merge horror and headbanging as one! He also plays guitar in The Zenith Passage.  We’re very stoked to have him on the team, he rips!

James Fraser
Solo Artist

If you like breakdowns and divebombs. James has got you covered. Coming out of Half Moon Bay, CA, James produces all his own music, and recently concluded a 52-song, year-long heavy metal project. James wanted a rig that represented his personality and his roots as a blues player, and found that and more with his Growler.

James plays a Semi-Custom Growler 7-string

Charlie Marvel
Visceral Disgorge/BOOK OF THE DEAD

Charlie plays guitar in Visceral Disgorge, a brutal death metal band from Baltimore,MD.  Lightning fast blast beats, guttural growls, and blazing guitar riffs make them a force to be reckoned with. Charlie also plays guitar in Book Of The Dead, an Evil Dead themed melodic death metal band.

Charlie plays the Tartarus in metallic black.

John Klagholz

John plays guitar in “Vexes”, which was formed from the ashes of previous projects including: A Life Once Lost, Vessl, Fury of Five and Downstage. Their ambient yet experimental take on modern metal is unique and we believe sets them apart! Definitely check these guys out.

John plays a USA Custom Growler Baritone in Green Sparkle, Production Seafoam Green Growler, and a Custom Trans White Growler.

Argee Guerrero
I belong to the zoo

I Belong to the Zoo is a folk project based in the Philippines. It embodies Argee Guerrero’s more private musings, with songs characterized by hushed vocals and wistful verses. His songs are resonant of intimate experiences, inhabiting subtle acoustic melodies in the same terrain as the music of Keaton Henson, William Fitzsimmons, Damien Rice, and Dallas Green.

Argee plays the Thicket in See Through Black Burst. 

Riley Nix

Riley plays guitar in VINTERSEA, a melodic metal band from Oregon which combines the essential elements of black, death, post, and progressive metal. Their unique sound is undeniably inspired by the majesty of the Pacific Northwest.

Riley plays The Archetype in the VINTERBURST finish.

Jorma Spaziano

Jorma plays lead guitar in VINTERSEA, a melodic metal band from Oregon which combines the essential elements of black, death, post, and progressive metal. Their unique sound is undeniably inspired by the majesty of the Pacific Northwest.

Jorma plays The Archetype in the VINTERBURST finish.

Gus Morales
ghost chant

Gus Morales plays guitar for the melodic hardcore band Ghost Chant based in New York. Their songs are filled with passion and effortlessly blend soft, melodic and at times somber tonality with pure aggression. 

Gus plays a Thicket in Satin Metallic Cool Green.

David Damron

David Damron plays guitar for the progressive, heavy, groove oriented metalcore band Emuness from Jacksonville, Florida. Blending heavy aggression with atmospheric melody, their music traverses a wide array of emotion. Their new record Open Wounds is available now.

David plays a baritone 7 string Toro in Shell pink.

Tyler Grier
American Slang

Tyler plays guitar for the Chicago based post-hardcore band American Slang and those boys can get down and dirty! Check out their album “Death Drive”.

Tyler plays The Archetype in Shell Pink.


Ben plays Guitar in the atmospheric, groove inspired metalcore band “IN FEAR”.  Ben blends the aggressive low tuned hulking sound of distorted guitars with soaring ethereal melodies. 

Ben plays a Baritone Toro 7-string in Satin Black.

Dan Bieranowski
Pressure Cracks

Dan plays guitar in hardcore band Pressure Cracks. Featuring members of Fever 333 and Scars of Tomorrow the band has the raw aggression you’d expect and love to hear. Their album “This Is Called Survival” is available now!

Dan plays an Espada in See Through Black Burst.

Conner Clair
Spirit Breaker

Conner plays guitar in Michigan-based Progressive Metalcore band, Spirit Breaker. Their vocals are as passionate as they are melodic, and their riffs are as aggressive as they are progressive.

Conner plays The Growler & The Archetype 7.

Jon Vokal
Blank Slate

Jon plays Guitar in the Prog/Alternative band “Blank Slate” alongside Balaguer Artist Hannah Boissonneault.  His guitar playing is riddled with intricate yet melodic passages that fuse post-rock with progressive influence.

Jon plays an Espada 7-string in a custom finish.

Hannah Boissonneault
Blank Slate

Hannah plays Bass in Metro Detroit based Prog/Alternative band “Blank Slate”.  Definitely check them out for a refreshing and unique take on progressive music!

Hannah plays a Fusion Bass 5-string in Seafoam Green.

Kuyler Massam

Kuyler plays guitar in frantic and heavy grind/deathcore band SLEEPSCULPTOR. The band blends panic infused grindcore elements with heavy hulking breakdowns to create a diverse array of emotion and aggression.  Their album Entry: Dispersal is available now on all streaming platforms.


Kulyer plays a Select Custom Thicket 7 string in Shell Pink.

Matti Frost
Frost Giant

Matti plays guitar and is the vocalist for Folk Metal band “Frost Giant”. Beyond the unique and punishing riffs they bring, Frost Giant also has soaring yet epic vocals.  Make sure to check them out!

Matti plays The Astra in Satin Black.

Scott Breustedt
Frost Giant

Scott plays guitar in Folk Metal band “Frost Giant”. Their music pays no attention to boundaries, deliberately crossing genres and bringing them all together in one truly unique sound.

Scott plays The Hyperion in Seafoam Green, as well as a Natural Mahogany Hyperion.

Brook Duer
Frost Giant/Conflict Theory

Brook plays in Folk Metal band “Frost Giant” alongside Matti and Scott.  Besides slaying bass for Frost Giant, Brook also plays bass in Philly based Death Metal band “Conflict Theory”.

Brook plays a Goliath 5-string in Trans White.

Felipe Rodela Trujillo

Felipe plays guitar in Chicago-based Melodic Post-Hardcore band “LUCA”. Their intricate guitar work intermingles with emotion-driven vocals and melodic interludes to set them apart in their scene.  Their single “Waterloo” is a perfect example of how they fuse melodic guitar playing with emotion-driven post-hardcore. Definitely check it out!

Felipe plays a Shell Pink Archetype.

Hayden Bush

Hayden plays guitar in the Alternative Rock band Livves based out of Los Angeles, California. Their infectious melodies and licks will have you singing for days!

Hayden plays The Growler, Woodman, Astra, and Toro!

Chris Wethington

Chris plays guitar in “Softspoken”, a post-hardcore band hailing from Florence, Kentucky.  Their catchy vocals mixed with heavy yet ambient riffs, make a very unique take on post-hardcore!

Chris plays a Semi-Custom Growler & Semi-Custom Thicket.

Chris Marshall
Goodbye Blue Skies

Chris plays guitar in Ohio-based post-hardcore band, Goodbye Blue Skies. They blend breakdowns, catchy vocals, and melodic riffing to genre-bend their way into the scene. Definitely check them out!

Chris plays a Semi-Custom Growler in Sky Blue.

Evan Fortgang
Across The White Water Tower

Evan plays guitar in 5-piece metalcore band Across The White Water Tower, based in Rockland County New York. Definitely check them out if you dig melodic riffs mixed with hardcore yet emotional vocals

Evan plays The Growler & The Woodman 7.

Aneel De Albuquerque

Aneel plays guitar in Charleston basedheavy, dark, alternative pop band GRIM.With driving melodies, catchy hooks, exciting drums, GRIM leaves you happy and wanting more!

Aneel plays The Gaia in white.

Tyler Mazza

Tyler plays guitar in hardcore band “Crafter” out of Massachusetts. Blending aggressive and emotional tendencies which tackle the entwined ethics of the social, political, and personal spheres, Crafter continue to aim to connect with the hardcore community and beyond in the years to come. Check them out!

Tyler plays The Growler in Moonstruck Black.

Justin Murry
The Seafloor Cinema

Justin is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the Sacramento based emo-rock-pop band, The Seafloor Cinema. Their music is energetic, catchy, and gets stuck in your head for days after listening. Justin is also the bassist and backing vocalist for the likewise Sacramento based progressive-rock outfit “Subtlety”, whose music is likened to an atmospheric stroll through the subconscious. 

Justin plays a shell pink Espada and a 5 string Growler bass.

Juan Andres Rodriguez
The Outsider

Juan plays guitar in “The Outsider”, a hardcore band out of Bogotà, Colombia.  Their heavy riffs with layered ambient leads and emotional lyrics make them a force to be reckoned with in their scene.  It makes sense why they have a cult following in Colombia!

Juan plays The Growler in Seafoam Green.

Shaun Hypes

Shaun plays guitar in DENS. They have found a perfect niche in the space between energetic rock and contemplative ambience. Shaun is using an Espada in two-tone burst.

Josh Tomlinson

Josh plays bass in DENS. He is currently rocking a lefty Fusion Bass in a custom Mocha finish. DENS creates an experience that drowns the listener in guitar and bass driven post-rock and vocal hooks while leaving plenty of room for lyrical exploration.

Josh Waltman

Josh also plays guitar in DENS. Although from a wider perspective, DENS may have Rock elements, the nuances in their sound send tendrils out into shoegaze, ambient, post-rock, and indie rock concepts. Josh plays a custom finished Growler, in Satin Charcoal Frost.

Steven Converse

Steven is a multi-instrumentalist session player and solo artist based out of Columbia, Maryland. His new album “Palette”explores the breadth of the electric guitar-driven instrumental genre, and achieves a satisfying balance of gripping melodies, commanding phrasing, and well-paced technicality. 

Steven plays a Select Custom Growler in Two-Tone Satin Black Burst, and a Vega in Metallic Cool Green.

Sam LeBron

Sam plays guitar north of the wall in Buffalo, NY based metal band “Grizzly Run”. Combining melodic, hardcore and metal influences Grizzly Run has created a sound that is all their own yet still harkens back to your favorite bands from the early 2000’s. Their debut album “Blackwater” is streaming everywhere now.


Sam plays a select custom Gaia in white and select custom Espada in metallic gold.

Matt Geltz

Matt plays guitar north of the wall in Buffalo, NY based metal band “Grizzly Run”. Combining melodic, hardcore and metal influences Grizzly Run has created a sound that is all their own yet still harkens back to your favorite bands from the early 2000’s. Their debut album “Blackwater” is streaming everywhere now.


Matt plays the select run Espada in butterscotch and a select custom Thicket with rosewood top.

Shawn Gomez

Shawn plays bass north of the wall in Buffalo, NY based metal band “Grizzly Run”. Combining melodic, hardcore and metal influences Grizzly Run has created a sound that is all their own yet still harkens back to your favorite bands from the early 2000’s. Shawn also plays in bands Seplophile and Prepare for the Mindscan.


Shawn plays a select run Goliath in vintage white.

Ryan Holzer
Cedar Green

Ryan plays guitar in Pop Punk band “Cedar Green”. Hailing from our home state, Pennsylvania, Cedar Green brings pop punk hooks with melodic vocals and radio undertones to the mix. Very excited to have Ryan in the family now!

Ryan plays The Growler in Seafoam Green.

Dan Drever
Iron Altar

Dan plays guitar in Edinburgh, Scotland based band Iron Altar. Fusing elements of doom, sludge and groove, Iron Altar are an unstoppable force. Their debut full length album “Pillars Of Blood” is available now.

Dan plays the Espada in Rustic Black.

Tony Schnur
Thick44/NEEBS Gaming

Tony is multi-talented! He is an Actor, Comedian, and Musician from Neebs Gaming as well as THICK44! He’s a super entertaining dude, so make sure to check his channels out.

Tony plays The Thicket in Nightmareburst.

Paul Litewka

Paul is the guitarist and vocalist in the Ambient Doom band “Undercliff”.  When he’s not punishing ear drums with his riff-laden doom band, he’s slinging awesome pedals through his company PLX-FX.  Make sure to check both out!

Paul plays a Hyperion Semi-Custom, Hyperion Standard, and a limited GAB SD guitar.

Austin Reid

Austin plays bass for Chicago based Post-Hardcore band “Erabella”. The group released their EP “The Familiar Grey” in 2020. The record was produced, mixed and mastered by Balaguer Artist Beau Burchell. Austin and Erabella are looking forward to releasing new music in 2021.

Austin plays a Modern Select Goliath Bass. 

Robert Grimm
The Danger Of Falling

Robert plays guitar in the five-piece christian melodic hardcore band “The Danger Of Falling”. From atmospheric/ambient interludes, hard-hitting chords, and melodic melodies make them truly stick out in their genre as something unique.

Robert plays a Semi-Custom Thicket & an Astra Deluxe.

Jeff Pettinato
Wither Away

Jeff plays guitar in Melodic Hardcore band “Wither Away”. Their sound fuses alternative yet melodic hardcore with underlying tones of sorrow and emotion.  Definitely check them out!

Jeff plays The Growler in Gloss Vintageburst.

Johnathyn Youmans
Wither Away

Johnathyn plays bass in Alternative/Post Hardcore band Wither Away alongside Jeff Pettinato (another Balaguer Artist).Hailing from Pennsylvania, Wither Away fuses ambient alternative interludes with hard-hitting choruses.

Johnathyn plays The Goliath Bass.

Rodney Dudum
Sea In The Sky

Rodney is the guitar player in Progressive Rock band “Sea In The Sky”. They fuse a sound that blurs the lines of various genres (jazz, funk, metal/rock, etc.) which creates a unique and awesome experience. Definitely give them a listen!

Rodney plays a Semi-Custom Thicket 7-string.

Curtis Douglas

Curtis is a Phoenix, Arizona based record producer, engineer, mixer, songwriter, and musician.

Curtis has worked with top artists such as The Maine, Katastro, Eagles In Drag, This Century, Chad Rubin, Austin Gibbs, Steff Koeppen, Sundressed, Naked Walrus, and more.  Check him out at

He plays The Thicket BB Deluxe in Trans Black.

Revision, revised

Maverick Taylor Lewis is the guitarist of Ohio based metal band Revision, Revised.  Formed in 2012 the band has prove to be a force to be reckoned with and shows no signs of backing down!

Maverick plays a Rustic Purple Thicket 7 String.

jared webb
Revision, revised

Jared Webb is the bassist of Ohio based metal band Revision, Revised alongside Balaguer Guitars artist Maverick Taylor Lewis.  Formed in 2012 the band has prove to be a force to be reckoned with and shows no signs of backing down!

Jared plays a Multiscale Goliath 5 String.

Chris Estes
Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds

Chris is the guitarist of Ambient Indie Rock band “Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds”. They have a spacey, melodic, ethereal vibe that fuses post-rock and indie styles.

Chris plays The Woodman in Trans Black.

Brent Waterworth
Toxic Energy

Brent plays guitar in OC based hardcore punk band, Toxic Energy. With hard hitting riffs and upbeat melodies, you’ll feel right at home with Toxic Energy if you’re a fan of hardcore punk.

Brent plays The Espada, Growler, and Woodman.

Ian Wright
No Remorse For The Fallen

Ian plays lead guitar in Philly-based metal band “No Remorse For The Fallen”. He also plays guitar in a few other Philly-based metal projects. Make sure to check out NRFTF!

Ian plays a Semi-Custom Astra 7-string

Dave Lamote
No Remorse For The Fallen

Dave also plays guitar in Philly-based metal band “No Remorse For The Fallen”. NRFTF have paved their own path in music, joining melody, dissonance, heaviness, and ambience all together.

Dave plays a Semi-Custom Archetype 7-string

Joseph Brock

Joseph plays guitar in FoxBat, a hardcore-infused band that fuses multiple genres into their original sound. Mixing hard-hitting riffs, catchy vocal melodies, and unique songwriting set these guys apart. Definitely check them out!

Marek Cimochowicz

Marek is the guitar player and vocalist in Chicago-based Atmospheric Black Metal band “Vukari”. They truly have set themselves apart in their genre by not only creating dynamic sonic landscapes of high-gain riffs to immersive ambient passages, but by seamlessly tying it all together to make a cohesive original sound. Check out their latest album “Divination”!

Marek plays The Hyperion in Satin Silverburst.

John Kiernan

John Kiernan is a wrestling entrance theme song composer in New Jersey and the guitarist in It Lives, it Breathes. John has performed around the world and written themes for wrestlers in Ring Of Honor, All Elite Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and many more.


John plays the Hyperion Select Series in White and Hyperion Fall Series in Ichor Red models. 

Josh Brewer

 Josh plays guitar in the band Skiver, a visual rock band that blends the band’s combined influences of rock, EDM, and Jrock into an amalgamation of sound that leaves crowds dancing, jumping, moshing, and everything in between.


Josh plays the Thicket in Satin Black.

Blake Bendure

Blake plays bass in Hardcore/Punk band Snakehound. Fusing hard-hitting riffs and anger-laden vocals, they bring an aggressive version of rock n’ roll inspired Hardcore.

Steven Riccio

Steven is a versatile musician, specializing as a composer and producer. He holds a Bachelor’s of Music degree from the University of Bridgeport.

In 2013, Steven was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis; a debilitating autoimmune disease of the nervous system. His diagnosis ignited his determination to defy any challenge in his path, using music as his primary weapon.

Steven plays a Select-Custom Thicket 7-string.

Teresa Brenneman
The Secret Destroyers

Teresa plays bass and sings in Arizona-based Indie-Pop band “The Secret Destroyers”. They mix indie rock music with interwoven vocal harmonies and melodic passages to bring something awesome to the scene! Make sure to check them out!

Teresa plays The Goliath Bass in Satin Shell Pink.