Balaguer Pickups – hear the difference!

We design & build our own pickups. They are all wax-potted, scatterwound, and are built to our exact specifications.


Evergreen Humbucker – Our medium output humbuckers, best suited for a classic rock/hard rock overdriven tone. Though they do excel at blues and rock n’ roll, the Evergreen Humbuckers clean up and handle a pristine clean amp very well. This is our most versatile humbucker set we offer! Dial in your favorite searing high gain metal tone, and these pickups will deliver clear/articulate tone without losing clarity in the low-end. These are rated at 8.9k in the bridge position, and 7.9k in the neck position using Alnico V magnets.

Feral Humbucker – The Feral humbucker caters to the modern metal player, at 12.5K output for the bridge humbucker, it adds additional depth and texture to the Evergreen Humbucker tone. After putting our Evergreens out there in the wild, we received some interest in a slightly hotter version, which birthed The Feral which also has a thicker Alnico V magnet than the Evergreen.

Truenobucker – The Truenobucker is best suited for down-tuned metal or even jazz, hence the name (trueno is Spanish for thunder). The higher output, paired with a thicker Alnico V magnet makes this set perfect for extended range instruments or down-tuned instruments requiring a wide frequency range/response. Rated at 16K for the bridge humbucker and 11.2k for the neck humbucker, they sound awesome split!

Hypernova РThe Hypernova is our newest humbucker and our only one that uses a Ceramic Magnet instead of an Alnico V.  It is very aggressive but articulate with tight bass response and immediate attack.  It splits extremely well because of the output, and sounds incredible on cleans too! Rated at 17.2K for the bridge humbucker and 12.2k for the neck humbucker, they are the hottest pickups we offer.

Beaubucker¬†– we’ve partnered with Beau Burchell of the band Saosin to offer a unique humbucker set that achieves extreme clarity, but without the harsh mid and loose bass that some other higher output humbuckers have. Both pickups have Alnico V magnets, but are voiced to be versatile for the audiophile in all of us. ¬†It can handle aggressive music just fine, but also cleans up really well! Rated at 15.8K for the bridge humbucker and 8k for the neck humbucker, they also sound great split!


Backwoods P90¬†– Our take on the classic oversized singlecoil design, but with added output, and voiced to bring out chord clarity while not sounding too “hot” or overpowering. This set is rated 10.2k in the bridge position and 8.2k in the neck position.

Single Coils:

Austral Single Coils – The classic SS setup, T-style tone. The word “Austral” means “of or relating to the south”. We really wanted to capture the snap and twang of a country-style single coil set, while still maintaining enough bass response and treble to really bring out the great overtones achieved when pushing a clean amp. This set is rated at 7.3k in the bridge position and 6.9k in the neck position, and is built with Alnico IV magnets.

Ebb Single Coil Set – Meant for a SSS setup, The Ebb single coils are evenly balanced and pair great with the Evergreen Humbucker (bridge position) as an HSS setup. The Alnico 3 magnets lend a more delicate and smooth sound, but still deliver when playing rock or blues. This set is rated at 6.4k in the bridge position, and 5.6k in the middle and neck positions.

Monolith Single Coil Set – Our stacked noiseless single coils which are wired together to cancel out hum, but still retain single coil characteristics due to using Alnico V magnets, 3C shielded wiring, and having similar resistance through the SSS setup with only slightly increasing through to the neck position. This set comes in at 8.6k in the bridge position, 8.7k in the middle position, and finally 8.8k in the neck position.

Mastercoil Set РOur Mastercoils are built with a unique fusion of top-end sparkle that you’d expect from a typical J-Master style pickup, but with added bass and midrange to round out the tone for a more dynamic response. This This Alnico V set comes in at 11.7k in the bridge position and 6.6k in the neck position.

Nova Single Coil Set – The Nova single coil is best paired with our higher-output humbuckers like the Truenobucker, Beaubucker, or Hypernova Humbucker, as it has a more robust magnet in it and is meant to feel more balanced with those higher output pickups. This Alnico V set comes in at 13.2k in the bridge position and 7.4k in the neck position.


Atombucker¬†– Voiced to be a midrange-heavy rock n’ roll pickup that still retains enough bass response and chord/note clarity to be a great choice if you’re looking for something less aggressive than a full-size humbucker but a bit thicker than a single coil. This set is rated at 7.8K in the bridge position, and 6.6K in the neck position, both using Alnico II magnets.

We are currently working on in-depth video demos of ALL of our pickups, but for now please check out this video comparing the Feral Humbucker to the Evergreen Humbucker: