The Espada T-BAR 2.0 (Tony Pizzuti Signature Model)



The Espada T-BAR 2.0 is the offset baritone guitar evolved.  The Signature Model for Tony Pizzuti of The Word Alive! His band plays in lower tunings so having a longer scale length is ideal, but he didn’t want it to feel too long or bass-like, so we went with 26.5″, which has the feel of a normal 25.5″ scale guitar but the extra inch really does help with string tension with lower tunings!  This is the newest version of the Espada T-BAR, as Tony wanted to tweak a few things for 2021!

** Please allow a 4-5 month pre-order build time, which starts at placement/payment to delivery confirmation email sent for Domestic USA orders & slightly longer for International.  We do not have these in-stock, and they are built to order. **

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Scroll down to check out the Espada T-BAR in action!

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