Balaguer Pickups – Learn about the different pickups we offer!

Balaguer Pickups - Learn about the different pickups we offer! 1

We design & build our own pickups. After extensive R&D and prototyping, we are excited to release the info below:

Evergreen Humbucker – Our medium output humbuckers, best suited for a classic rock/hard rock overdriven tone. Though they do excel at blues and rock n’ roll, the Evergreen Humbuckers clean up and handle a pristine clean amp very well. This is our most versatile humbucker set we offer! Dial in your favorite searing high gain metal tone, and these pickups will deliver clear/articulate tone without losing clarity in the low-end.

Feral Humbucker – The Feral humbucker caters to the modern metal player, at 12.5K output for the bridge humbucker, it adds additional depth and texture to the Evergreen Humbucker tone. After putting our Evergreens out there in the wild, we received some interest in a slightly hotter version, which birthed The Feral.

Backwoods P90 – Our take on the classic oversized singlecoil design, but with added output, wax potted, and voiced to bring out chord clarity while not sounding too “hot” or overpowering.

Austral Single Coils – The classic SS setup, T-style tone. The word “Austral” means “of or relating to the south”. We really wanted to capture the snap and twang of a country-style single coil set, while still maintaining enough bass response and treble to really bring out the great overtones achieved when pushing a clean amp.

Ebb Single Coil Set – Meant for a SSS setup, The Ebb single coils are evenly balanced and pair great with the Evergreen Humbucker (bridge position) as an HSS setup. The Alnico 3 magnets lend a more delicate and smooth sound, but still deliver when playing rock or blues.

Check out this video comparing the Feral Humbucker to the Evergreen Humbucker:


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